What could be a more perfect way to consume useful information than a podcast? Podcasts offer the go-to solution for learning about how to tackle a book project while you are busy driving to work, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, or working out. The easy accessibility and zero cost make listening to writing podcasts an invaluable tool on the road to self-publishing.

So, what types of topics can you expect to hear about on a podcast about writing? The range is very broad, encompassing podcasts devoted to such topics as the nuts and bolts of writing, storytelling tips, the self-publishing process, and how to market and promote your book. Continue reading to learn about some of the best writing podcasts out there.

Listen To These Podcasts for Next Level Writing

Writing podcasts can offer a treasure trove of essential information for aspiring authors. Podcasters in this niche provide easily digestible repertoires of book-writing information. When your schedule doesn’t offer ample time for reading books on the topic of self-publishing, a podcast provides what you need — lots of useful writer’s tips delivered expeditiously in audio form.

Podcasts for Honing Your Craft

Whether you are in need of an author boot camp for newbies or advanced guidance for finessing your manuscript, here are some wonderful writer podcasts that are sure to help:

  • Grammar Girl. Mignon Fogarty is an excellent resource for writers looking to improve the mechanics of their craft. Her website was included in Writer’s Digest’s 101 Best Websites for Writers on several occasions.
  • The Creative Writer’s Toolbelt. Hosted by Andrew Chamberlain, this podcast is a very useful resource for honing your writing skills. Through a large catalogue of episodes, both archived and new, this podcast offers developing writers a wealth of helpful tips.
  • Helping Writers Become Authors  Author K.M. Weiland integrates her audio podcasts into her blogs, so followers can opt to read or listen to her sage advice. Ms. Weiland offers detailed advice tailored for fiction writers.

Podcasts for Inspiration

Sometimes a writer just needs a kick in the pants, something to jumpstart the creative juices. These podcasts about writing offer inspiring content that will motivate you:

  • The Creative Penn. Joanna Penn has been assisting aspiring authors since 2008. Her podcast episodes are not only informative, but they also encourage and inspire.
  • Write Now with Sarah Werner. No matter your writing skill level, Sarah Werner can guide you towards excellence. She offers inspiring content to motivate authors to pursue their passion to write.
  • Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach. Ann Kroeker inspires new writers to be more creative and curious during the writing process. She has a large catalogue of podcast episodes to peruse for inspiration and records uploads episodes regularly.

Podcasts Featuring Successful Authors

Who better to provide a fledgling self-published author with sound advice than a seasoned writer? These podcasts feature guest authors who can speak to their first-hand writing experience:

  • Writers on Writing. This is actually a radio program co-hosted by authors Barbara DeMarco-Barret and Marrie Stone. The show regularly features interviews with successful authors, providing helpful industry insights and writing tips.
  • Beautiful Writers Podcast. Linda Sivertsen gathers bestselling authors to chat about all realms of the writing and creative process.
  • Meet the Writers. Host Georgina Godwin features in-depth interviews with some very interesting and exciting published authors.

Podcasts About Self-Publishing

If you have decided to take the self-publishing route you will surely benefit from these writer podcasts that focus on the self-publishing process:

  • SPA Girls. This podcast is hosted by four female authors. Together, they offer loads of great information for someone just starting the self-publishing journey.
  • Self-Publishing School. Spend your Wednesdays learning about book writing, publishing, marketing, and more from a variety of industry professionals.
  • The Business of Self-Publishing. Hosted by Joseph Kunz, this writing podcast gets down to the details, covering all steps of the self-publishing process for non-fiction writers.

Podcasts for Book Marketing

Because most authors do hope to earn a buck or two after completing their book, learning how to market it is a must. Check out these writing podcasts for some brilliant book marketing guidance:

  • Self-Publishing with Dale. Indie author Dale Roberts offers weekly podcast episodes that revolve around building your author brand. He provides helpful tips on marketing, social media, and SEO strategies.
  • Kindlepreneur. Dave Chesson is a valuable resource for learning all the tricks of the trade for launching and marketing your self-published book.
  • Sell More Books Show. Co-hosts Bryan Cohen and H. Claire Taylor offer chatty, congenial episodes about how to succeed as a self-published author through savvy business moves, book promotions, and marketing strategies.

Additional Writing and Publishing Resources

When it’s all said and done, no matter how many writing podcasts you have consumed, you will eventually need some editing assistance prior to self-publishing your book. At Gatekeeper Press, a team of publishing professionals provides editing, proofreading, cover design, publishing, and distribution services — any or all of these, depending on your needs.

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