Looking for writing inspiration but don’t have enough time to dedicate to your craft? Perhaps you want writing advice that you can listen to on your daily commute? If so, it sounds like it’s time to give podcasts for writers a try!

Writing doesn’t have to be solitary. Even if you can’t afford to hunker down at conferences or workshops with likeminded individuals. Find your writing community in the digital world by listening to podcasts for writers, created by writers.

Podcasts are where writers get together to discuss the struggles and the highlights of writing—and offer their best advice and sources of inspiration to keep you going.

Get advice, find inspiration, and learn how to hone your skills with these seven best podcasts for writers!

Best Podcasts for Writers

1. I Should Be Writing

I Should Be Writing is a podcast for fiction writers. This podcast is brought to you by Mur Lafferty, an award-winning author and podcaster. Lafferty and his guests discuss the difficulties of writing, including the setbacks faced when trying to establish a writing career.

Plugin and start listening: I Should Be Writing

2. The Creative Penn Podcast

Joanna Penn discusses creative writing, publishing, and book marketing in The Creative Penn Podcast. Penn is known for her positive attitude and energy, and she talks about what matters most to writers in a fun way.

Have your pen at ready for this podcast:  The Creative Penn Podcast

3. Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Learning grammar doesn’t have to be boring with Grammar Girl’s podcast. Hosted by Mignon Fogarty, Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing delivers exactly what it says it will. Get quick tips to improve your grammar and your writing!

Take notes to get the most out of this podcast: Grammar Girl

4. Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M. Weiland discusses the technical parts of writing in Helping Writers Become Authors. Some of her topics focus on how to outline and structure novels, craft developed characters and polish prose. Whatever craft topic you struggle with, Weiland most likely has an episode to help!

Turn the volume up, and get to work: Helping Writers Become Authors

5. Ann Kroeker, Writing Coach

If you’re short on time, Ann Kroeker’s podcast is perfect for you. In the short, focused episodes, Kroeker provides practical tips, resources, and inspiration to help you achieve your writing goals. Listen to the Writing Coach podcast when you need some advice from a professional writing coach!

Listen to Ann Kroeker everywhere: Writing Coach


Not every writer has, or needs, an MFA. But you can get the perks of an MFA anyway by listening to the DIY MFA podcast. The goals of this podcast for writers, hosted by Gabriela Pereira, are simple. DIY MFA wants to help you write with focus, read with purpose, and build your writing community!

Find inspiration to start your next novel: DIY MFA

7. So You Want to Be A Writer

This podcast is hosted by successful journalists and authors Valerie Khoo and Allison Tait. They bring you the latest writing and publishing news. More focused on the industry as a whole, So You Want to Be a Writer offers writing, blogging, and publishing inspiration, trends, and updates.

For amateurs and seasoned professionals alike: So You Want to Be A Writer

Where Else Can You Get Writing Advice?

There’s no shortage of writing advice in our world of social media. Unfortunately, not all advice is good advice. Are you looking for more advice on the following?

Well, there’s plenty available. You can find writing advice books, blogs (like the Gatekeeper Press blog!), websites, online courses, workshops, conferences, and more.

If you want advice from a writing and publishing professional, request a free consultation from Gatekeeper Press. We can help you make your writing dream into a writing career by providing the self-publishing support you need.