SaraiI was about as green as they come when it came to knowing anything about book publishing. Several months into working on my first novel, I began to do some research about self-publishing. The information and advice was vast and daunting that I almost allowed myself to be pressured into a contract with a self-publishing company whose link was popping up everywhere. It didn’t feel right and I went with my gut. After hiring a consultant to help me sift through my overload of information, I came away well-armed with a wealth of knowledge on how to avoid being eaten by one of the self-publishing sharks like the one that almost had me. I saw a positive story in the consultant’s newsletter about a hybrid publisher, Gatekeeper Press, who was making news. I took Gatekeeper Press up on their offer of a free consultation but not before I had a well thought-out script of questions that would surely eliminate them if they resembled anything like the one I had dealt with previously. And they didn’t. From my first conversation with Author manager, Rob Price of Gatekeeper Press, I felt I had found a company that would shoot straight. Looking back, I call it ‘divine intervention’. I never felt pressured into signing a contract and every aspect of the process that previously made me wary had been addressed to my satisfaction. A bond of mutual respect laid the foundation for the excellent working relationship we developed. Rob Price has always been prompt with phone calls and emails – always courteous and patiently answering my plethora of questions. I required a lot of hand-holding. I asked a lot of questions and made a lot of requests. Rob accommodated those needs and honored my requests when feasible and possible. He was helpful beyond my expectations from beginning to end. But this is not the end. I am currently working on my second novel, Sarah, another crime thriller and sequel to my first book titled Sarai, in the Sarah Somer Series. By choice and with pride, it will again bear the publisher’s imprint as Gatekeeper Press.

Lilya Myers


Ghost-of-a-ShadowWe two sisters collaborated on our first self-published book, and when we were looking for a publisher, Gatekeeper Press popped up. We immediately resonated with the name as it has something to do with our book, ‘Ghost of a Shadow.’ We were also attracted to the 100% Royalties and Rights, as well as the aptly-priced packages for different book formats. We arranged to have a conference call with Rob Price, who was to become our Author Manager. He answered every single one of our questions, and we had many. He is the most courteous, kind, and helpful person one could hope to meet at our stage of the publishing process. This whole experience has been a learning curve for us, and we are so happy that we decided to sign with Rob and Gatekeeper Press as there has been absolute continuity in support and flexibility, quick responses to our many inquiries, and whenever a roadblock comes up, he immediately goes over and above to get the necessary changes effected in a timely manner. We can’t recommend Gatekeeper Press enough. It is a collaboration and a two-way street to be sure, but we couldn’t ask for a better partner in publishing than Rob Price. In other words, things happen, but Gatekeeper Press is on the ball, highly responsive, and generous in communications and action.

Leslie and Andrea Engel

Ghost of a Shadow

I was drowning in a sea of snake oil salesman and liars when I first reached out to Rob Price. From our first phone call I knew this was guy was the real deal. I think we talked on the phone and emailed for six months before I gave Gatekeeper a a dime. When that day happened it was for some line editing help. There was no hard sale for more services. Rob made it clear what services to authors they offered and simply told me when and if I was ready they were there to help me. The more I interacted with the people at Gatekeeper the more grateful I was I’d stumbled upon these guys.

When my first book was finished I knew I needed marketing help. Rob didn’t offer that service but he introduced me to my mentor, Shari Stanch. If it wasn’t for Rob and Shari, I am quite sure I’d have given up on this whole “author thing…”

I can’t tell you how many times, even last week, I had an emergency, like needing a high resolution image for some marketing material, and within in an hour Rob came through for me. Rob has answered emails at midnight on a Saturday and while waiting to board a plane. You don’t get that kind of service any more.

Gatekeeper is not about the money, they are about helping authors.

I don’t know where this writing career will take me, but I know Gatekeeper press and Rob and his crew, Kelly, Wendy and Vanessa and others who have helped me, but I’ve never met, will be part of the process.

Seriously, dude, I can’t thank you enough.

William Lobb

The Third Step

There I was – first time author, based in Austria/Europe with the goal to publish my first graphic novel (a business graphic novel, cross genre it had to be) internationally – as ebook and in print. You might be able to empathize with my state of agony and dispair :).

Then – after yet another desperate round of research I got in touch with Joshua Tallent who then pointed me to gatekeeper press. The website looked like too good to be true. Guess, what? It is as good as they claim to be (rare in today’s market, isn’t it).

Throughout the whole process Rob Price has been always prompt with his always helpful replies – and I really have to use ‘always’ because it’s simply true. And his patience! I wonder where he takes it from, it seems never ending. As seem his working hours. I live and work about 6 hours ahead of Robs and yet, he always answered my emails almost immediately. I hope now that my book has launchend successfully – internationally (how cool is that!) – I hope he does get some more sleep :) Thank you Rob! Without you my book and its success just simply wouldn’t have happend (no exaggeration).

Madhu Einsiedler

What Highly Effective People Don't Tell You

Gatekeeper gives authors the confidence to pursue non-traditional publishing routes while maintaining the professionalism and broad reach of a traditional publisher. I was hesitant at first because Gatekeeper’s services seemed “too good to be true,” but the investment gave me the freedom to focus on writing and sharing my work rather than hours formatting and managing my manuscripts on a variety of sales channels. I have a deep respect for the Gatekeeper team’s business acumen and willingness to accept feedback while trying to be as accommodating as possible. From invaluable connections to market insights, partnering with Gatekeeper has crafted an essential foundation for my success as an author. P.S. Rob is THE BEST


USA Today Bestselling author, Elise Kova

Air Awakens Series

I found Gatekeeper Press after reading an article about the start-up of their company. I’d planned to go with a different company, but after just a few brief interactions with that other self-publisher, alarm bells were going off. When I read that article, I decided to contact them.

I was immediately impressed by their professional manner and genuine interest in helping me with my project step-by-step, something that never faltered through the entire process.

I was assigned my own personal author-manager for contact, and even though my author manager changed half-way through, it was a seamless transition. Every question I asked was answered in a timely manner. If I drove my author managers crazy with fifteen emails in a single day, they never complained. Gatekeeper Press states their authors are family and that’s exactly how it feels. Helpful, friendly, and professional every step of the way.
I can highly recommend their cover art artists. The finished cover exceeded my expectations.

When I finally held the finished book in my hands, I was beyond delighted. The quality of the book is excellent. After the horror stories I’d read on line about other companies using cheap paper and poor binding, I was so relieved to receive a top quality product from Gatekeeper Press. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to self-publish a book. They go above and beyond, and I feel blessed to have found them.

Jan Anderegg


I have the Paperback in my hand, yay!!! With much gratitude I write to express my thanks to you and your team for the joyous journey that publishing has been, and hope will continue to unfold in the future. This was my first ever experience to birth a book that I conceived as personal journal entries, and with your publishing service it’s now a reality, a dream come true!

While I know this truth, I had to live the reality of why it’s necessary to have the ‘margins of error’ in managing the Project Timeline, Book Formatting, Distributions Channels, etc. Most of all, I have to say your level of leadership in a Customer Centric way left me challenged to work on my patience despite my eagerness to realize the publication. Thank you for embodying the true spirit of your company’s slogan:Where Authors Are Family–I feel it because I experienced it. I feel I probably made the most requests to edit this and that yet you explained where explaining was needed, but still embraced my requests and quirkiness in my need to achieve excellence.

Thank you for your excellence in service, I look forward to doing more business with you!

Carolyne Njogu

Being Grounded: 21 Days To Come Alive And Love Your Life

Churchill and RooseveltOn the recommendation of an acquaintance, I investigated Gatekeeper Press and others to format and publish my second book. I based my decision on the content of their website and a personal interview with an author/manager. In the end, I believe I got the best of two worlds at Gatekeeper…a highly streamlined and efficient process along with a knowledgeable individual who would prove readily available when I had questions and didn’t want to deal with “system solutions”. Their price was fair and reasonable for the stress free services they delivered. Gatekeeper worked fast and accurately. The time to layout and format my book took half as long as I expected. They helped me fine-tune the metadata to reach my desired audience. Recognizing that my target reader probably wore reading glasses, they set the font at a size that my customers would find appealing and painless to see. I was also attracted to their high payout on royalties and that they conveniently aggregate and account for them to simplify my life. Lastly, I liked Gatekeeper Press’ flexibility. I wrote both of my books under the banner of Corabella Press, a hybrid of my two grandchildren’s names. They were willing to let me us that name in lieu of theirs. In the end, I went with their name because I felt they deserved the recognition and I was proud to be associated with the name Gatekeeper Press. I think they are game-changer in their industry and worthy of future business.

Jim Wilson

Churchill and Roosevelt: The Big Sleepover at the White House

Working with Gatekeeper Press and my author manager has been remarkable. Their fast follow-up on my questions, delivery on each step as they promised and patiently answering questions that some might find annoying, knocked my socks off! What’s more, their quality design of my cover and interior along with professional editing were performed with outstanding quality. The test of any business relationship is ultimately “referral to others” and on that note I’ve already recommended Gatekeeper to another author. And YES, I’ll be back with more of my own projects for Gatekeeper to help with.

Mark Holmes

The Five Rules of Megavalue Selling


As an author who has had more than one bad experience in the publishing industry, I was very skeptical about the services being offered by Gatekeeper Press.  In fact, in my first exchange of emails with Rob Price, the president, I told him it was very unlikely a consultation would lead to an agreement.  Well, now I am very pleased that I was directed to Gatekeeper Press and pleased with the product.  I wish to credit their professionalism, attention to detail, willingness to provide extra support, amazing response times, appeal of the cover design and the quality of production.  I recommend authors engage in a phone consultation, ask questions and decide from there.

Dale Brandt

A Pool Player's Journey

The-Chicago-Cap-MurdersGatekeeper’s incredible team, from management to design, guided me through every phase of book development in a field I knew absolutely nothing about; cover design, copyrighting, editing, acknowledgement page, about the author page, dedication page, and the synopsis for the back cover. Once the editing phase and other responsibilities were completed, Gatekeeper stitched it all together by formatting the novel and downloading it to all their eBooks partner sites. In addition, Gatekeeper’s print- on-demand package delivered a professional book with a dynamic, eye-catching cover that has been flying off the shelves. All of these services, I might add, were performed at extremely affordable and reasonable prices. Gatekeeper helped me achieve my dream, and I am eternally grateful to everyone in the company who contributed to the development of my book. Gatekeeper has earned my admiration and highest recommendation.

Warren Friedman

The Chicago Cap Murders

My experience with you & Gatekeeper Press has been exceptional. I look forward to working with you in the future on more projects. I could not be more pleased with your quick responses to my questions. It is refreshing to know there is a publishing Company out there who really cares about the author, & conducts itself in such a professional manner.


Bill Spencer

Ruth: A Portrait Of Grace

One day I woke up and said I wanted to write a novel. My friends, and family first looked at me like I was crazy, but was supportive. I had no clue as to what I was doing. After a couple years I finally finished it. Then the hard part started. I had no clue about publishing either. I researched traditional publishing and decided no on that, and then started researching Indie publishing. I found Gatekeeper Press. I was lost, but Rob Price and his team at Gatekeeper Press have been the best. They virtually took me by the hand, and walked me thru step by step. Gatekeeper Press is awesome. Thank you for taking care of me always!!



DK McCloud

Hollis McCalister Summer Camp

The-Child-WhispererI had a great experience with gatekeeperpress. The process was easy. I came to gatekeeper primarily because I wanted a one-stop shop to publish both print and electronic versions, as well as to publish to both Amazon and iBooks. Plus, I wanted better royalties than I was getting elsewhere. The interior formatting turned out amazing, too.

Alexander Zwick

The Child Whisperer

The-Dance-of-the-SeaAs a budding novelist before the publication of the debut work, I had to pass through the ordeal of foreboding as and when I sighted the terms and conditions (proffered by publishing companies), which were as strange, legal and confronting as their Marketing/Sales staff appeared. I passed many days in caverns worrying like a neurotic giving discreetly slip to a few publishers before I entered the doorsteps of Gatekeeper Press who by its natural, unassuming, and open-minded approach allayed instantly all my sense of foreboding, and opened the door for inking the publication contract. Rob Price handled the work process very professionally with a human heart addressing and clarifying issues almost on real time like a friend or a brother or a guide, including the editing work which his two editors having hands-on experience and high caliber handled passionately in tandem. I believe Gatekeeper Press is undoubtedly the best choice for authors, especially for those who have no referral support. My best wishes for its steady and robust growth to reach the pinnacle in the near future and realization of its mission!

Soosaiya Anthreas

The Dance of the Sea

EnigmaI have been extremely happy with my association with Gatekeeper Press. From first contact to two published books, they have been attentive to my needs and very speedy in their response times, They have been helpful with marketing strategies and have always been extremely professional. I would give five of five stars from my experience and intend to publish my next book with Gatekeeper.

Charles Stoll


The-Realm-of-PossibilityGatekeeper Press has provided me with excellent service. When they first contacted me, I was wary, as I think everyone should be when doing business with the publishing industry. But, Gatekeeper Press is not hiding a secret agenda. They are simply a company devoted to bringing quality reading material to people and being fair to their authors. The expenses I have incurred in my interaction with Gatekeeper have been reasonable, I get timely help, they did a fabulous job on my book cover, and I have been fairly compensated. It has been a great place in which to get started as an author.

Dan DalMonte

The Realm of Possibility

Inside-Looking-InGatekeeper Press was recommended to me by the editor who worked with me on my book and I was not sure what to expect. From the first conversation with the Gatekeeper author manager through final design, the experience was nothing short of excellent. The services provided were very affordable and that made going with Gatekeeper a much better option than trying to learn everything required to self-publish my book. I am very satisfied with how my book turned out and highly recommend Gatekeeper Press for anyone who is wanting to have their work published.

Andy Bayer

Inside Looking In

Wife of the DayI can’t tell you how much I appreciate the speed with which you and your staff respond and react to all these edits and production conversations. I was singing your praises to another author (I think she called you) and she said how valuable that was to her, given how unresponsive and slow and unwilling her publisher was. It’s really been an amazing experience thus far. Thank you!

Daphne Uviller

Wife of the Day

allies_to_enemies_coverI have published books in the past with several small independent houses. My experience with them has not been … salutary. I was most pleased (and relieved) to find Gatekeeper Press. From initial contact through publication and sales, it has been pleasant, responsive, and successful. They did what they promised, when they promised, and promptly fixed the few errors that occurred (mostly mine, not theirs.) My first e-book in a seven-book series, “Our Allies Have Become Our Enemies” (check it out on Amazon), was an Amazon Bestseller for the first month after launch. A large part of that was Gatekeeper. I can recommend them strongly and without reservation.

Dr. Deane Waldman, MD MBA

Restoring Care to American Healthcare

9781619844551After I had finally completed my manuscript I immediately ran into a rather troubling problem when trying to pitch my idea to more traditional publishers. They were not open to, or even willing to listen to the idea of a musical-style novel. Undaunted by this I dove into researching various self-publishing companies. If you are reading this then you probably had a similar issue as I did and are equally overwhelmed by the numerous companies out there. I quickly realized, as I’m sure you have, that there are a large amount of shady players in this game. Some began hounding me from the moment I submitted my copyright, others tried to trap me into a contract the instant I contacted them and still others bizarrely seemed almost completely uninterested in my business. When I looked into Gatekeeper Press it seemed like the old cliché of “too good to be true.” Their prices were beyond competitive and every exchange was friendly, informative and with the head of the company no less. Maybe best of all they seemed genuinely excited to partner with me without ever pressuring me to rush into something I wasn’t comfortable with. In the end I decided to go with them and I couldn’t be more thrilled that I did. Their system allows for a lot of flexibility in the sense that you can do just about anything on your own, or purchase their numerous professional services, from covers, to editing and everything in between. At every stage they couldn’t have been easier to work with, as they clearly communicated every step in the process and answered every question I had promptly and honestly. I’d love to say that they finished everything on time, but truth be told I’m even happier to say they were early on delivering on every step of the process (sometimes weeks ahead of schedule) and didn’t proceed with the next step until I was completely satisfied. In the end I couldn’t have been prouder of the finished project as they took my dream and helped make it a reality which for a long time seemed impossible. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again and neither should you!

Daniel William Gunning

MUSICAroLina: A Tale of Monsters, Demons, Criminals and Fabulous Musical Numbers

9781619844483My experience with Gatekeeper Press was very enjoyable and professional. Rob Price was very helpful with any questions that I needed answered and was very timely whether by phone or email. Venturing out into the publishing world for the first time can be confusing, expensive and exhausting but working with Gatekeeper Press made things a lot easier, clear and attainable. As a new writer, I was very unsure about purchasing the editing package but I found the additional support to be very helpful without taking away from my unique writing style and I really appreciated the kind and encouraging comments that the editor made along with remarks concerning proposed changes. It was a smooth transition and not as painful as I thought it would be. A little kindness goes a long way.

Tammy Williams

Rings of Atlantis: The Sea Sirens Song

Rob Price and the folks at Gatekeeper Press were wonderful to work with. Rob answered questions, was accessible and was incredibly helpful from beginning to end. As a first time author, the publishing process seemed to loom ahead like a huge uncharted territory. Rob helped me navigate this process easily. The finished product emerged polished and professional. I’m thrilled with the results and will return to Gatekeeper Press with my next book!

Deb Nicholson

She Never Knew

I translated my book to English and looked for a publisher in the U.S. Shortly I found Gatekeeperpress. The process was easy, quick and definitely stand the budget then the others options. Gatekeeperpress help me to publish my book both hardcopy and electronic versions, as well in Amazon and many iBooks online stores. My experience with Gatekeeperpress is great, the interaction was very good and professional, patient and kind. Looking forward to work with Gatekeeperpress again soon.


Divine Creation

I’ve had a very positive experience with Gatekeeper Press. We just launched our graphic novel which presents a different kind of challenge then an all text press. Rob Price worked very diligently to make sure all came out right and we are very happy with the results. I can confidently recommend Gatekeeper Press to anyone who wishes to independently publish their works.

Scott MacGregor

Tunnel To Hell: The Lake Erie Tunnel Disasters-Tales of Heroism and Tragedy

This was my first book to publish and needless to say I was at a loss as far as the publishing aspect. Thank you so much Rob Price for being so patient and walking me through the publishing process. I could not have done it without you. I have already referred two individuals to Gatekeepers Press for their manuscripts to be reviewed.
I am in the process of writing my next book and I will return to Gatekeepers Press for the publishing. Believe me, I had checked too many publishing companies to remember and by far Rob’s company offered great packages with good prices. They cover the whole spectrum of publishing. A special thanks to Tony Cellini who answered my questions no matter how silly they sounded. I can’t say enough good things about the qualified staff. All of you will hear from me again soon!

Sue Warmbrodt

Remington (The Gentle Giant)

I came to Gatekeeper after a horrible experience with another publisher who basically ripped off many of their authors and walked away from us. I was leery of all publishers, but Gatekeeper Press kept their promises and published my first book in August of this past year, and three months later, published my second book. We’re happy with the entire process and the interactions with Gatekeeper, especially Rob Price who went the “extra mile”.
A few weeks after Jesus Still Reigns was published, I began hearing from relatives that I had not heard from in a long time, with positive comments and congratulations on getting my first book published. They were all quite surprised, interested. At a family birthday celebration, they were passing the book around and reading some of the poems. Thus, publishing my first book opened doors of communication that had been shut and gave them a reason to reach out to me. Some are waiting anxiously for the third book!

Karen Burwell

Jesus Still Reigns

I’ve just published my first book, and Rob Price, the company’s president, was my contact. Rob could not have been more accommodating and easy to work with, and the final product is as professional a job as I’ve ever seen from any publisher. I would not hesitate to heartily recommend Gatekeeper to all and sundry! 

Richard C. Cahn

Making Law: A Memoir of Good Times

I thought I was all set with my historical novel 1777 – Danbury on Fire! But the company that made my cover stopped answering emails! My deadline for the Christmas tradeshows in the towns where my book was set loomed – should I buy space or not? I gathered courage and took a shot at Gatekeeper because of Rob Price’s background. The printed copies arrived faster than I could have imagined. I am all set for the holidays – and my next two books!

Millicent Hughes

1777 - Danbury on Fire!

I have worked with other publishers on previous books. All were very frustrating experiences. Then I discovered Gatekeeper Press. Somehow, I found myself speaking on my landline phone with Mr. Tony Chellini. He answered each of my questions fully. That conversation was just like talking with an old friend. And, interestingly, he never tried to sell me anything….which was a refreshing surprise. Actually, his ‘no sale pitch’ sold me on them. I have had more than a dozen interactions[phone and email] with Sarah Spencer . She has always been readily available and helpful. GATEKEEPER PRESS is the ‘real deal’. Specifically, the cost was the lowest of more than a dozen other publishers that I contacted. The process was very streamlined. I could hardly believe my eyes when I opened my box of books. The Brooklyn Bred cover[I chose to have no jacket which are unnecessary and get shabby looking very quickly] was great. The 48 color photographs were outstandingly reproduced(and a few were 50 years old…actually two of me were taken in 1940 and 1942!). I simply do not know how Gatekeeper Press can do all that for the extremely low price that I paid. [Even after publication they were great. When my books were delivered….the box was entirely empty!! There were large messages on the box: “condition received”. I emailed Sarah Spencer with the bad news. She immediately wrote back: “WOW, that’s nuts! I’ll figure out what to do and get back to you.” And the next day, she arranged for me to receive another box of 20 books.] . A truly excellent publisher(and that’s an understatement).

David Garrahan

Brooklyn Bred

I found Gatekeeper Press after having a not-so-great experience with another company. I wanted a company who would distribute my book through multiple online retailers. Rob Price was extremely efficient. We made several revisions, which went very smoothly, and he was able to seamlessly get my book listed for sale online in a timely fashion. All questions were answered amazingly fast. I’m very pleased with this company’s customer service, and I will definitely come here first when my next book is ready to be published. Highly recommend!

Heidi Dalton

Reflections of Hope: A Devotional Journal for Those Loving Someone with Dementia

Death by Grand Jury by Bruce ClarkI had a great experience working with Gatekeeper Press. I was given solid, professional advice every step of the way, from proofreading to cover design to editing and tips for marketing the book. I worked mostly with Sarah, who was very patient and helpful. I went into the process with some strong ideas about the cover design, but as I went through the process with Gatekeeper staff — who worked with my many suggestions as best they could — and I wound up with a cover largely designed by their cover designer, which was far better than anything I’d imagined. My point is they were patient and took the time to work with my suggestions, so overall it was a good creative process that led to an excellent result. Also, as things progressed, I realized that in several of the stories (there are nine short stories in the book) there were some inconsistencies, overuse of some phrases — basically additional edits that needed to be made, fairly far into the process. Again, this was no problem, we went back and forth on the edits and everything worked out well. I never felt rushed to finish up any part of the process and move on, or that anyone I worked with was trying to get me to pay more money to Gatekeeper along the way. Everyone simply listened to what I wanted, gave me their input, and made the changes/edits I requested — and then assembled what I think are excellent, high quality paperback and electronic versions of the book. In sum I was very satisfied, and when I finish my current writing project I will no doubt call the great people at Gatekeeper press in hopes of working with them again. 

Bruce Clarke

Death by Grand Jury

Tormented Engagements by J. L. SheltonIt’s been a pleasure working with Gatekeeper Press. They have always been helpful and professional throughout the entire process, willing to answer any questions that I have had. I look forward to working with them again.

Jennifer Shelton

The Children of the Stone series

Top Students Top Parents by Kathleen BurnsRob Price, Founder of Gatekeeper Press, recently completed publishing my book, Top Students, Top Parents. I was totally unaware of the difficulty formatting and editing my book would entail. Compared with the average library novels that merely consist of a pages of simple, indented paragraphs and a chapter heading here and there, it must have been his greatest nightmare. My book is an educational book that can be used as a textbook. It is not only filled with numerous indented paragraphs, titles and subtitles, but it also contains hundreds of bullets, different indentations, spaces, italics, quotations, columns of words and different margins. I’m certain he was sorry he took on my project, once he started; however, he stuck with it and produced a book that fills me with pride. His staff created covers that were so appealing that I couldn’t decide which one I liked best. He worked patiently and respectfully with me, one on one, and more than fulfilled his promise of complete satisfaction. I give his work an A++. I found Rob Price to be an honest and decent man. He is one of a few in the publishing world who is completely trustworthy and backs up his guarantee. If not already, I predict his company will soon be number One.


Kathleen Burns

Top Students/Top Parents

Tips by Dan Manolescu“Tips” was my first little project that took me a couple of years to put together. Not knowing where to start, I went online and contacted several self-publishing companies in the United States, Canada and The United Kingdom. They all seemed to be looking for a profit and could not care less about my guidebook, mostly because of my accent. (I wasn’t born in the US – I came here when I was in my early 30’s). They tried to sound nice but I could tell there was a hesitation every time I had a question. You can detect an unfriendly phone partner the second you talk to one. Since I had to ask a lot of questions, they all started to turn less and less approachable.
And then I found Tony Chellini, who made him feel comfortable from the very beginning. He was the one who went into the smallest details about self-publishing and led me to the right people. Next, I got in touch with Sarah Spencer, who overwhelmed with her patience, kindness, and professionalism. We worked together exchanging emails and phone conversations for months but finally my idea turned into a book. My heartfelt thanks also go to Rob Price, who knew how to add a special touch to the whole project.
I am very happy to have found Gatekeeper Press.

Dan Manolescu

Tips A Guidebook for Teaching Excellence in ESL

The Sever-year Fix by Jan MoxleyI just wanted to let you know that I really have enjoyed working with your people. It has been a pleasure and truly great experience. I look forward to working with them on the next book (which is almost ready) and other future books. I also have a friend that has a manuscript ready to be published and I have given your company a five star recommendation. Thank you for starting this publishing service. I could not have done this without Gatekeeper. You are in my opinion, the best. When you stated, “Where authors are family” on your logo, you were spot on. I have never felt more at home. Thank you for welcoming me into the family.

Jan Moxley

The Seven-Year Fix

Bloom Where You're Planted by Hannah LeeGatekeeper Press allowed for one of my ideas to become a reality. Last July, I wrote Bloom Where You’re Planted. Initially the story was just going to be for my mom, but after reading my draft to different people I knew the story needed to be published. I had absolutely no idea where to begin with publishing. I researched and talked with several different publishing companies, but Gatekeeper Press was the one I felt the most comfortable with. My author manager, Sarah, was great to work with. The majority of our correspondence was over email, but I was also able to talk with her over the phone if needed. Another reason I enjoyed working with Gatekeeper Press was because they allowed me to bring in my own illustrator. From editing, to formatting, and finally publishing, I am really happy I chose to be a part of the Gatekeeper Press family. Bloom Where You’re Planted, went live on March 20th, 2019 (the first day of spring)! Thank you Gatekeeper Press!

Hannah Lee

Bloom Where You're Planted

Death Votes Last, 9781619849068, HardcoverI was fortunate enough to meet Rob Price at Killer Nashville. After using a different self-publishing company for my first four novels, it was time for a change, and Gatekeeper provided the quailty and responsiveness I had not found in my prior publisher. I am now publishing my second book— “Mob Rules”— with Gatekeeper, and the repeat experience has shown that the first was no fluke. These guys deal in quality production and quality service. I can’t recommend them enough.

Marc Rainer

Death Votes Last

Know Your Peace, 9781642373271, PaperbackGatekeeper Press has been outstanding in publishing my book. This company is of the highest standards. Everything about the process was easy and professional. Communication was great. Many stars and thanks go to all concerned!

Betty Friend

Know your Peace

Gatekeeper Press are total professionals. I am a new author and knew little or nothing about publishing. My author-manager guided me through the process step-by-step. She responded to my emails in a timely fashion and brought all concerns to resolution. The work itself has been high quality from cover art to print layout. I am so impressed with Gatekeeper, I intend to use them again on my next endeavor. The whole idea of writing a book started out as a hobby for me in my retirement. Now, I have a passion to turn my imagination into published works. Thank you, Gatekeeper Press. 

Marcel Boudet

Silence in the Shadowlands

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