Soon after making the exciting decision to self-publish your first book, you might find yourself frozen like a deer in the headlights. Now what?

You know you want to self-publish but haven’t the foggiest idea how to go about doing it. This takes you straight to the information gathering stage of your book project’s nascent beginnings.

While a bevy of source material on self-publishing is readily available online, many will bypass all the written content and head straight to Google, searching for self-publishing podcasts.

There are multiple podcast platforms out there, with many podcasters using several of them. You are bound to find a smorgasbord of self-publishing podcasts available for your consumption.

When it comes to viewing podcasts, gaining any helpful insights—or not—is highly subjective.

Some podcast hosts may provide excellent content but are lousy communicators. They may mumble or possibly speak with a heavy accent, making it difficult to hear or understand them. They may rush through the content, causing you to hit rewind over and over.

Some podcasts might drag on and on, so you find yourself losing interest halfway through. Other podcasts might only cover the most superficial aspects of the topic and fill the time with chatter, failing to provide the information you seek.

Since we are all unique humans with different tastes and sensibilities, one person’s favorite self-publishing podcast might have another writer quickly stating, “Next!”

Pulling together this list of podcasts considered several things. These included clarity of presentation, knowledge of the subject matter, the date the episodes were recorded, and the likeability of the host(s).

Best Self-Publishing Podcasts

If you are about to embark on your first self-publishing journey and are seeking some online coaching, check out the following self-publishing podcasts for some excellent information and insights:

The Self Publishing Show

The Self Publishing Show is a podcast that features Mark Dawson and James Blatch, two Brits that chat about various topics related to self-publishing. They often have guests on the show that contribute input about the topic at hand. They have a large catalog of episodes covering a wide range of topics, and they also promote their courses.

Book Marketing Show

Dave Chesson’s alter ego, Dave the Kindlepreneur, has a popular podcast that not only offers tips and ideas for self-publishing but also ideas for marketing the book once it is published. The podcasts cover all the important issues in self-publishing, such as selecting a title for the book, locating a cover designer, keyword strategies, and leveraging social media.

Self-Publishing School

Self-Publishing School is an online educational company owned by Chandler Bolt. The podcast publishes new episodes every Wednesday and feature a lineup of guests that tackle a variety of self-publishing related topics.

AskAlli: Self-Publishing Advice Podcast

The AskAlli podcast offers two podcasts per week, with one of these dedicated to offering guidance to indie authors. The other is called the Inspirational Indie Authors Podcast, where self-published authors are interviewed.

Begin Self-Publishing Podcast

The Begin Self-Publishing Podcast features Tim Lewis, who has recorded a series of episodes since 2016. This host is British, and has a pretty heavy accent, and has a quirky style. He, too, invites guests to share their self-publishing experiences.

SPA Girls Podcast

The SPA Girls Podcast is produced by four indie authors, with weekly episodes featuring helpful information about self-publishing. The women cover the basics, such as editing, BETA readers, character development, and much more.

Self-Publishing Made Easy Now

Coach Chris Baird heads up the Self-Publishing Made Easy Now podcast. He provides courses and coaching for writers interested in self-publishing, guiding them along the process. The podcast features questions sent in by aspiring writers, and then his advice follows. He also posts a list of helpful links for listeners to access.

Sell More Books Show

Bryan Cohen and H. Claire Taylor host the Sell More Books Show podcast. These young, chatty hosts produce weekly shows that feature unique titles to pique curiosity about the content. The hosts also offer courses for beginning authors who are looking to self-publish.

Self-Publish -N- 30 Days

Darren Palmer’s Self-Publish -N- 30 Days podcast focuses on coaching people who have a story to tell to follow through and get their book self-published. Palmer specializes in helping people get into the frame of mind to build and grow a business through self-publishing.

Self-Publishing with Dale

Self-Publishing with Dale features Dale Roberts, an entrepreneur that teaches listeners how to build an author brand. He suggests using all the digital tools available, such as author videos and recording audiobooks, to reach your potential.

Bestseller: A Self-Publishing Podcast by Reedsy

Reedsy is a popular resource for aspiring authors, so the Bestseller podcast is a natural development. The host, Kasmir M. Stone, aims to demystify the process of self-publishing and guide listeners to overcome obstacles and get through the writing journey.

Writer 2.0

The Writer 2.0 podcast is hosted by author A.C. Fuller and has been on the air since 2014. The podcast features a mix of interviews with various published authors. These alternate with episodes dedicated to the craft of writing and how to stimulate the writing process and the marketing angle.

Don’t stop at podcasts! There are a plethora of creative writing blogs to inspire your writing process.

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So there you have it, a nice assortment of self-publishing podcasts to peruse at your leisure.

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