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Publishing a book can sometimes make you feel lost like you don’t know what to do next. With so many options and so much self-publishing advice, it’s hard to know where to start.

Self-publishing is essentially DIY book publishing–and that means every publishing journey works a little bit differently. You can customize your experience to achieve the results you want. That also means you have a lot of different options to choose from!

Don’t get overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve created this list of self-publishing tips that you can take action on!

Not every tip is essential to self-publishing a book, but the list can provide guidance as you get started. In the end, you get to pick and choose what tips apply to your needs and goals.

Let’s get started!

Actionable Self-Publishing Tips to Get Your Work Published

????????‍????‍???????? Find Your Writing Community

Writing a book can be a lonely endeavor, but you don’t need to go it alone. Follow these self-publishing tips to find your writing community and motivate you to continue writing.

Tip #1: Join author or writing groups!

Connecting with other authors can help you find a community to support your publishing endeavors.

Tip #2: Join online writing communities.

Stay inspired by connecting with other writers experiencing the same creative process as you! You can offer to critique someone else’s book in exchange for them critiquing yours. This is a great way to find help in brainstorming and improving your writing.

Tip #3: Join a writing retreat or conference to meet local authors.

Don’t go it alone! Find your community and let writer meet-ups keep you inspired.

Tip #4: Listen to writing podcasts!

Podcasts for writers and authors can be helpful for learning more about writing. Stay inspired by listening to successful authors talk about the business.

Tip #5: Read creative writing and publishing blogs to stay up to date.

Keep up with the latest writing advice and publishing trends. Creative writing blogs can be a great resource for knowing what’s new and successful in the business.

Tip #6: Stay inspired by learning new writing tips and advice.

Keep practicing your craft. The more skilled and well-practiced you are, the easier the process will be. Write daily to keep your writing muscles at peak performance!

✍???? Write with Confidence

Writing it a no-brainer! However, for first-time writers, this can often be the most difficult part. From knowledge acquisition to writing tools, the following are our top tips to help budding authors draft their first novel.

Tip #7: Figure out what genre(s) you want to write.

If you’ve already written your book, that’s great! Make sure you know which genre your book is in. Different genres have varying markets, and some book genres even have slightly different publishing requirements.

Tip #8: Read books on your topic or in your genre.

Know what books are currently successful in your genre. Copy the trends and techniques that appeal to you, but be sure to keep it original.

Tip #9: Download new writing software or apps!

Keep writing with software and apps that let you take writing on the go. There is writing software to help you brainstorm and organize your research too!

Tip #10: Create a strong title for your book.

A book cover is the first thing your audience sees. The second is your book’s title. So, make it a strong title that catches your readers’ attention.

Tip #11: Keep writing!

If your dream is to publish your writing, then you need to have some material to work with. To finish your book, make sure you dedicate time to write every day or several times a week.

❌ Edit Like A Professional

Mistakes happen, but they can be fixed! Editing is a one-of-a-kind talent that every author should employ to get the best results.

Tip #12: Edit your writing.

No one wants to read a poorly edited book! Constantly editing your writing is key to improving your craft.

Tip #13: Ask a beta reader to read your book.

Don’t assume your book will be successful with your target audience. Test it out by hiring a beta reader that matches your ideal readers.

Tip #14: Hire a professional cover designer.

Your book cover is the first thing your readers will notice. Make sure it stands out with a professional design.

Tip #15: Hire a professional editor.

Even if you’ve edited your writing, you need a professional to catch the mistakes you may have missed.

???? Know Your Audience: Marketing

You’ve taken the time to research your topic, write the book, and go through countless edits—don’t sell yourself short! Your book can be best seller worthy; however, without an audience, it won’t reach its potential. Check out these self-publishing tips to learn how to build an audience.

Tip #16: Research book marketing strategies.

Learn how to market your book before you publish it! Selling your book is just as important as publishing your book. Self-publishing doesn’t automatically equal sales. You need to do the book marketing work to make sure your book is successful.

Tip #17: Create a Twitter account as an author.

Odds are, your potential readers are on twitter. So, meet them there and let them know you’re publishing a book! Connecting with your readers online can be a useful book marketing strategy.

Tip #18: Create a Facebook author page.

Help your readers find you and your books by creating a social media presence—like a Facebook author page! Publishing books is easier when you already have an audience interested in you.

Tip #19: Create an author website.

Make it easy for your readers to find you and your books by creating a website. Create links to all of your social media pages. If your book is already for sale, make sure readers can find sales pages on your website.

Tip #20: Start a blog about your books or publishing journey.

Blogging about your books and publishing experience can be a great way to establish yourself as a writer.

Tip #21: Create an author newsletter and mailing list.

A newsletter is a direct line to your readers! This can make marketing your book a thousand times easier.

Tip #22: Publish a short story or excerpts of your story on a blog or online publication.

Getting an article or short story published online can help get your name out into the writing world. Use this tip to start building your writing reputation!

Tip #23: Advertise your book.

Your readers won’t know about your book unless you tell them! Advertising spreads the word so your audience can find and buy your book.

???? Publish Your Book

You’re at the finish line—but just barely. Publish your novel for the world to see with these self-publishing tips.

Tip #24: Learn how to self-publish your book.

Once you’ve decided how you want to publish your first book, learn everything you can about the process! Knowledge is power!

Tip #25: Learn what publishing mistakes to avoid before you get started.

Why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from others’ self-published author mistakes instead? Find out what common mistakes you should avoid before you begin.

Tip #26: Research publishing options.

There are many ways to self-publish a book. Make sure you know your options. Aligning your publishing process to your goals will make the journey smoother.

Tip #27: Find out how much it costs to self-publish a book.

Self-publishing can be expensive, depending on the route you choose. Know your budget and the average cost to publish a book to stay on track.

Tip #28: Learn about ISBNs and Copyright.

Know the technical terms—like IBSN—and legal aspects of publishing before you begin. This will speed up the process later on.

Tip #29: Find a good book distributor.

Books are easiest sold when they are available at all major book retailers. Be sure that your distributor lists your books with all available retailers.

Tip #30: Talk to publishing professionals!

You don’t have to be a publishing expert to self-publish your book. You can, however, reach out to publishing professionals to find the tools and support you need.

DIY Book Publishing Can’t Get Any Easier

Are you ready to take action to make your publishing dreams come true? If so, get a quote or free consultation with the publishing professionals at Gatekeeper Press. We can make your book publishing process as easy as it gets!