So, you’ve decided to write a book! Now it’s time to figure out what book genre is the best for you. For some writers, this is obvious. You might already have an idea that fits into one genre. For others, it can be a challenge to figure it out.

Sometimes the book you want to write fits into multiple book genres—or doesn’t fit into any genre! If you’re stuck, you can consider writing one of the most popular book genres listed below.

We’ve compiled a list of book genres to inspire you!

Most Popular Book Genres

So, what is the most popular book genre? According to a survey by U.K. author, Chris McCrudden, the top 100 UK bestsellers in print from 2018 were mainly in the Crime Thrillers and Children’s book genres. However, other genres, such as Romance and Fantasy dominated digital book sales. Here’s a closer close at what genres sell the most books!

Romance ❤️

Romance books are easily the highest selling and most popular book genre. This genre is easy to write because romance books usually follow a pretty simple formula.

The book starts with a protagonist and a love interest, but a conflict prevents them from immediately being together. The two characters work to overcome the conflicts, and the story closes with a happily ever after.

Of course, not all romance books do or will follow this formula. It’s up to the author to make the formula feel original or to change the formula to work best for their story.

Romance books sell exceptionally well in eBook format, too.

Children’s Books ????

Children’s books have high sales but usually sell for a lower price. This genre is a good choice if you want to include illustrations or have a young audience in mind.

Picture books sell better in print, however. So, if you plan to publish eBooks, picture books may not be the best genre for you. Middle-grade books sell well as eBooks and might be a good alternative.

Writing and publishing children’s books requires you to have a basic understanding of what kids are currently reading. You must be able to write at a level that children can understand and enjoy. If you want to write something with complicated language, avoid the children’s books genre.

Some sub-genres that are popular among children’s books include:

  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary/Realistic Fiction

Mystery/Thriller/Crime ????????

These are the most popular book genres that sell in print. So, if your goal is to publish print books, the mystery, thriller, and crime genres are great choices.

The appeal of these genres is that they all have some puzzle to solve by the end of the book. These genres have readers on the edges of their seats. Keep your readers turning the pages with a puzzling plot.

The mystery/thriller/crime genres are great for writing series! If you want to write a series, consider one of these page-turning genres.

Young Adult ????

Young adult is more an age category than a book genre, and the target audience is teenagers. Writing for young adults can be a lot of fun because there are so many genres that are selling well. If you’re lucky, the subject or subgenre you write might end up one of the latest trends.

You are likely familiar with the vampire and dystopia trends in the YA market. Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Divergent are all popular movie adaptations in the past few years.

That said, young adult books have high selling potential. Even better? Your book could have a good chance to be adapted to film.

YA readers often read on their phones or tablets. So, eBooks are a hit in this market, but print books still sell well too.

Fantasy ????

Are you super creative? Do you love building new worlds? If yes, then fantasy might be the best pick for you!

Create your world by diving into the fantasy genre. This genre can be applied to children’s, young adult, or adult categories. Fantasy is successful for all age groups.

What Genre is Most Profitable for Authors?

As for the book genres that make the most money, romance and erotica take the top of the list. This is especially true for eBook authors and self-published authors.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer romcoms or serious historical romance. The romance genre can be a great opportunity for making a profit from writing.

However, if that’s not the right fit for you, don’t worry.

Write About Your Favorite Genre!

You can be successful with any genre. Consider writing in your favorite genre. Or try writing a book and seeing where it ends up. Maybe your book will turn out to be a successful cross-genre masterpiece.

Write the best book you possibly can. Pick the genre that feels right. With hard work and a dedicated professional publishing team, any book can be a bestseller.

Get a quote or free consultation from Gatekeeper Press. Regardless of the genre you choose, we can help you successfully publish your book.