If you are a professional artist or even an art student, you have probably accumulated a large portfolio of your work. The idea of culling the best pieces and creating a beautiful self-published fine art book is compelling. Your artwork could be widely disseminated through self-publishing distribution channels, reaching a vast number of potential new clients.

Another reason to self-publish your own art book is to make your work available digitally. Having a digital art portfolio is an excellent addition to a resume when seeking a professional position in the fine arts field.

Art professionals in the teaching field will utilize art book self-publishing services to create printed materials to supplement class curriculum. Also, artists who show their work at art shows or art fairs can distribute their art book at these venues.

Art book self-publishing is a boon to artists who wish to retain complete creative control over their art book project. Learning how to self publish an art book is not as difficult as it might seem. Once you understand the basic steps, all that’s left to do is execute. Before you know it, your finest works of art will be available for the world to enjoy and to purchase.

How to Publish and Sell Your Art Portfolio

Self-publishing an art book follows much the same process as any other genre, with some unique distinctions. For example, as an artist, you may excel in creating beautiful pieces of art but fall short when writing. Because your self-published art book will also include written content, you may benefit from collaborating with a freelance writer on the project.

Another unique aspect of self-publishing an art book is photographing the works and formatting the artwork itself. If you don’t possess the software skills to navigate the editing and formatting programs, this would be a good reason to collaborate with an editing professional.

Here’s how to publish an art book:

Select the artwork

Begin the project by targeting a general theme for the collection or grouping together different media or styles that will become sections within the art book. Remember that you want to showcase your talent in its best light, so select only the finest examples of your work.

Get inspired

Take some time to explore other art books on the market that you admire. Thumb through the top-selling art books to gain insights about what features you like or dislike about them. Pay attention to cover art design, too—which covers grab your attention?

Plan an outline

Start making a plan for your art book. Decide how many sections it will have and name the sections. Consider how much written content you will need to achieve a nice balance with the visuals. Create a general roadmap for the book that will provide some overall structure to the project.

Write the content

Your self-published art book should have a story to tell. Give the reader compelling content to keep them turning the pages, revealing ever more of your artwork. If you need some help with the writing, consider teaming up with a freelance writer on the project.

Hire an editor

This step is critical. An art book will need to have a clean, professional layout and appearance to be taken seriously within the industry. Locate a professional book editor that specializes in art book formatting and editing. During this step, with the editor’s guidance, you will decide on trim size, binding, paper stock, fonts, and cover design. The editing services will also include proofreading.

Get published

Once the book has been formatted, edited, and proofed, it is time to take it to market. Self-publishing platforms allow you to sell your book in print-on-demand and/or eBook formats, both domestically and globally. Your self-publisher is also able to distribute the book through wholesale channels to bookstores.

Remember that your art book will not sell itself. Plan on marketing your book through your professional website and on your social media platforms.

Showcase Your Finest Work and Get a Quote for Publishing

Whether you wish to preserve your artwork for posterity or market your art book to a wide audience, you will need to have an editing professional in your posse. At Gatekeeper Press, all aspects of editing, formatting, proofing, and cover design are provided to help you launch an amazing art book. Call us today!


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