Who wouldn’t want to be an “Award-Winning Author,” right?

You might even daydream about having one of those glossy golden seals embedded in your cover design. Indie authors can see that dream come true by participating in self-published book contests.

There is no doubt that a self-published book award can add credibility to your book project. The award itself validates your talent as a writer and can directly relate to increased book sales. Nonetheless, the benefits of winning self-published book awards reach far beyond that.

Reaching out to podcasters, events, or radio shows for guest spots becomes more fruitful when the author can state that they have won an award for their work. Book signings are easier to secure with that stature as well. Plus, let’s not forget about the financial reward that accompanies the book award.

All in all, there are ample reasons to throw your hat into the self-published book award ring.

Why Enter Book Contests for New Authors?

There is even more reason to sign up for a book contest when it is your very first book. Voracious readers are always on the hunt for the next great author and will purposely seek out award-winning books by new authors.

With that endless quest for discovering up-and-coming authors, an award can become a customer magnet. Add the phrase “Award-winning author” to your bio on Goodreads or Amazon, and you are bound to attract curious readers.

Getting your book noticed is key to its success, so any tool that can help increase visibility on social media platforms or Amazon’s gigantic library is welcome.

Winning a self-published book award should be viewed as a publicity and marketing tool that can help draw people toward your book who may otherwise not give it the time of day.

In a word, a book award is bank—if it is leveraged well. That means going the extra mile to peddle your new status via press releases, promoted ads on your Facebook author page or Instagram page, and reaching out to bookstores that might consider hosting a book-signing event with the new award-winning author.

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6 Self-Published Book Awards

It is important to be aware that there are oodles of book contests out there vying for your attention, so a word of caution is in order. While there are a good number of high-quality contests for indie authors, there are dozens of contests that are nothing more than pay-for-play scams taking advantage of an unwitting victim.

Here are six credible self-publish book awards for authors:

  • The Benjamin Franklin Awards. Administered through the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) and accepts all genres. The entry fee is $95 per title.
  • The Eric Hoffer Award. An international contest that accepts all genres and awards a grand prize of $2,000. The entry fee is $55.
  • Independent Publisher Book Awards. The IPPY Award attracts 2,400 independent authors annually, accepts all genres, and offers four different avenues to win. The entry fee is $75 per category.
  • Spark Award. Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators sponsors The Spark Award, and prizes are not monetary but rather opportunities to receive publicity through the SCBWI platforms. There is no fee to enter this contest.

Confident You’re Writing the Next Winning Book?

With book promotion a top priority for the self-published author, why not consider entering a few of these contests in 2020 to increase your book’s visibility with an award?

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