In today’s competitive labor market, it is absolutely essential to have a stellar resume highlighting your work history in the most flattering light. That simple summary of your career accomplishments can hold the key to a productive future in your chosen field.

When part of your work history includes writing a self-published book, you may wonder how beneficial it would be to add this to your resume. Generally, if your self-published book is relevant to the job position you are seeking or the industry at large, it most definitely should be listed on your resume. If not, then it’s best not to mention the book.

For applicants in the fields of journalism, academia, scientific research, or publishing, then, by all means, create an author resume or curriculum vitae (CV) where you can list your publications. Having a separate author resume, or just a special section on your resume, that highlights your self-published books will strengthen your prospects and allow you to stand out from the pack of applicants.

What is an Author Resume?

An author resume is tailored for individuals who are writers by profession. This specialized resume details your qualifications and relevant work experience, such as being a staff writer for a news organization, for example. If you are a novelist, then the resume is referred to as a novel resume. In addition to your work history and skills, an author resume provides a dedicated section for listing your published work.

However, you can use the concept behind an author resume for any industry. If you want to showcase your relevant published works, you can devote a special section within a standard resume just for listing your self-published book titles.

When creating an author resume, you will need to follow a basic format:

  • Name, address, phone, and email information at the top
  • A summary of your title and a list of professional writing skills (bullets)
  • Your professional work experience
  • A list of publications (this can be a separate page)

When incorporating your self-published book or books into a standard resume versus an author resume, you will include a section called “Publications” for this purpose.

What is a Writer’s CV?

The acronym “CV” stands for “curriculum vitae,” which translates in English to “course of life.” If you work in academia or research, a CV allows you to highlight your professional and academic history in great detail, along with any achievements, awards, grants, projects, or publications.

The two terms, author resume and CV, are often used interchangeably. A writer’s CV follows the CV format but will be tailored to achievements, awards, grants, and publications related to their writing career. The CV option requires the MLA format for listing the publications.

Showcasing Self-Published Books on an Author Resume

When creating an author resume, your publications section will be placed below the education section. Follow these helpful tips for how to list your self-published works in the Publication section:

  • Use bullets to list the books.
  • List the details in this order: last name, first name, book title, and the year of publication.
  • If published in a magazine or journal, ensure you include this information when listing your publications.
  • If you have a large volume of publications, try to include ones that highlight important skills related to the job you are applying for.

Book Author Resume Sample

If you are in an industry other than writing but have written and published a book related to the industry you are seeking work in, it helps to see how to include your book in your resume. Consider this example:


Create a Self-Published Book You Will Be Proud to List on Your Author Resume

Long before you add your self-published book to your author resume, you will have attended to the professional aspects of writing and publishing the book. To create a finished product worthy of being added to your resume, it must be well-edited and designed prior to publication. To make your book worthy of a spotlight, team up with the experts at Gatekeeper Press. These self-publishing professionals can help polish your manuscript, format it for publication, and even design your book cover. Reach out to Gatekeeper Press at (866) 535-0913 or online today!

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