It isn’t only in the world of politics that people settle into opinion-driven camps.

When it comes to the ongoing debate over whether eBooks are “better” than print editions, or vice versa, folks have strong opinions. Just like most political arguments, however, the consensus seems to reside somewhere in the middle. Consumers of books appear to love both formats in equal measure, although, for different reasons.

EBooks are here to stay, that is for certain. Since bursting onto the publishing scene in 2007 via the introduction of Amazon’s Kindle reader, consumers have continued to gobble up digital books. The Kindle reader represents the culmination of decades of evolving technology, setting the table for the eBook revolution.

So many writers feel they have a book in them but shy away from the publishing process. Fear not—the eBook format allows for an immense range of options and creativity, freeing fledgling writers, and even seasoned authors, to take publication into their own hands and go for it. Consider the many benefits of eBook publishing, from both the author and the reader’s perspectives.

Benefits of eBooks for Authors

Aspiring authors should absolutely enter the eBook publishing landscape with confidence. There are many enticing reasons for forging ahead with an eBook idea, whether it is a non-fiction piece related to your industry or a series of novellas you envision. Consider the advantages of eBooks over print books:

  • Tool for industry leader. Business leaders understand the usefulness of providing a publication for clients who attend their events. Having a few eBooks written on topics related to the industry or trade builds credibility as a thought leader. Because eBooks are far less expensive to produce and distribute, they are the practical format of choice.
  • EBooks can be any length. Don’t worry about creating a 90,000-word tome! An eBook can be as long or short as you want or need it to be to serve the intended purpose. A series author can immediately begin marketing their next 40,000-word installment as soon as each new eBook hits the platform.
  • Passive income source. With every eBook sold, a royalty is paid, with the amount differing slightly by publisher. Once you have a few eBooks available online, the passive income that results can become significant. Since eBooks are usually shorter in length, an author can pump out more of them, making eBooks more profitable.
  • Marketing tool. Offering a free eBook is an excellent tool for growing your email list and customer base. Use the eBook as an email opt-in offer when prospective clients visit your website. The eBook can cover a popular topic or theme within your industry, therefore providing some value to the customer while building a relationship with them. Compare the costs of a free eBook versus a hard copy giveaway, and it is easy to see why an eBook would be the preferred format for email marketing collateral.

7 Reasons Why Some Readers Prefer eBooks

EBook benefits are not just enjoyed by authors—readers also love to weigh in on the advantages of eBooks compared to hard copy books:

  • EBooks are cost-efficient. In practical terms, readers are thrilled to download books for a fraction of the cost of a print version.
  • EBooks are compact. Technology allows for an enormous library of books to be stored on a digital book reader.
  • Audio option. Digital readers are equipped to provide an audio option, allowing audiobooks versions to be consumed as well as eBooks.
  • Improved readability. One of the benefits of eBooks is the ability to adjust the font size, allowing for easier readability.
  • Instant delivery. When a reader discovers a title that they are dying to read, they can download the book in a matter of minutes, versus waiting for mail delivery.
  • EBooks are sharable. It is easy to digitally share eBooks with friends and family members versus mailing them a hard copy.
  • EBooks can be read vertically or horizontally. The fluid nature of the eBook technology allows the reader to select the layout that best suits their preference, whether that is landscape or portrait orientation.

Learn More About How You Can Publish an eBook that Sells

With the many benefits of eBooks inspiring you to begin your own eBook project, why not avoid common eBook publishing missteps and enjoy the expert advice offered at Gatekeeper Press?

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