Gatekeeper Press Author Q&A

1. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?   

Elementary school. During the last week of 4th grade, I remember getting an idea to write a scene that I wanted to act out with a classmate as a goodbye gift to the class. My teacher allowed me to write and perform it, and the class loved it. Every student in the class kept taking turns reading the script that I had written after we finished performing, and I couldn’t believe their excitement. The moment I saw my writing elicit that type of reaction, I was hooked.

2. How long have you been writing? How many books have you written?            

I’ve been writing my entire life. Mostly screenplays. However, reading books to my son with my wife led me to take an interest in writing children’s books. I’ve written countless stories, but Shawn’s Window is the first and only that I’ve had published so far. Book number two is definitely on its way.

3. What made you want to self-publish?   

When you have a voice, I believe you should speak. Self-publishing eliminates every excuse for talented writers to have their voices heard.

4. Would you recommend new authors self-publish, and would you recommend Gatekeeper Press?

When it comes to my stories, I’m the type of person to hold everyone accountable during collaboration. If something is off, I will spot it, and if there’s a question to be asked, I will ask it. Gatekeeper Press not only has been able to keep up with my expectations, but I believe they prefer to work with writers who have high standards. I’d definitely recommend new authors to self-publish through Gatekeeper Press.

5. What do you do marketing-wise to help announce and sell your books?   

I definitely subscribe to the “each one, buy one, tell one” creed, if you will. In other words, your circle of influence has a circle of influence of their own. And so on. After that, I’d say social media is key. We live in a world of likes, subscribers, and followers, so if you can get them to buy into the “each one, buy one, tell one” creed, your book will develop momentum.

6. What advice do you have for a new or fledgling author? 

Listen to everyone, but only use what resonates with you. If writing is your gift, then you know exactly what to write. Just use your voice.

7. What social media platforms are you on?

I’m William Perdue on Facebook, and my Instagram handle is @wperdue0430.

8. What is the one piece of advice you wish you had known when you first started out? 

Use a TIFF file or CMYK file when submitting your illustrations. This helps the illustrations maintain the fullness of their original color.

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge authors are facing going into 2020 (and beyond)? 

Social distancing makes it difficult for authors to get out and organize in-person book readings and author meet and greets. I suspect this will continue to be the makeup of our society for the near future, so authors will have to become more visible online, and most importantly, continue to write great stories in order to further attract an audience.

10. Have you won any awards or contests that you would like to mention? 

Unfortunately, no… Not yet.