1.What inspired you to begin your publishing journey?

We are a husband David, and wife Victoria, writing team and have been writing together for many years. We started writing plays, then screenplays, and poetry, and now fiction novels. We both love to write and after successful careers in show business for David and education for Victoria, we devoted ourselves to writing our first novel. We wrote our first novel THE GIFT OF THE TWIN HOUSES in 2009 and it was first published in 2015. We then republished in 2019. It is the first novel in a trilogy titled THE PERILS OF A RELUCTANT PSYCHIC.

2. What led you to choose the self-publishing route vs. traditional publishing?

We initially tried to publish our first novel through agents and publishers, but soon decided that the “interference” with our vision for the series from these external forces was not acceptable. So, we created our own imprint Dragonfly Media.

We chose to publish through a partnership with CreateSpace. Our first two novels, THE GIFT OF THE TWIN HOUSES and SECRETS OF INNOCENCE, were published in that platform. Our third book in the series JACKAL IN THE MIRROR was published in 2018 through a partnership with Gatekeeper Press. Subsequently we republished our first two novels with Gatekeeper Press.

Our fourth book ASCENSION – KELAHYA UNBOUND, a space adventure, was published in partnership with Gamekeeper Press in 2020.

Our fifth book AN EDUCATED DEATH a murder mystery, was published in partnership with Gamekeeper Press in 2024.

3. How did you select Gatekeeper Press as your publishing family?

We were attending a Writer’s Digest conference in Los Angeles and heard about Gatekeeper Press. We conducted a thorough research and found that Gatekeeper Press most definitely treats authors as family. We were sold! And our experience since 2018 working with Gatekeeper Press has been phenomenal! A true jewel in the publishing industry!

4. Were there any moments during your publishing journey where your expectations differed from the actual process?

We had done much research prior to entering this field so we were well versed as to what to expect and found no surprises.

5. What aspects of the process did you find most enjoyable?

For our first 4 books the cover design process was exceptional, very satisfactory, and quite fast. The designers were top notch. Our covers have received multiple accolades through the years. With our fifth book this process was quite laborious, and it took many versions before we were satisfied with the outcome. It remains to be seen if this last cover will be as well received as the others.

Another enjoyable process was working with the various editors, and the two Author Managers. They both have been very supportive, patient, and efficient. We also worked with Robert Price the CEO of Gatekeeper Press during the publication of our third book when he stepped in during a temporary absence of our Author Manager. Top notch support all the way!

6. What challenges did you encounter during your publishing journey?

The main challenge we found was the cover design of our fifth book. When we could not find a cover that satisfied our needs we were transferred from the regular designer to an illustrator manager. The process was to communicate directly with her and not through our Author Manager. However, we were unable to communicate effectively with this illustrator. Never understood our needs. We therefore reverted to the original designers and communicated our needs through our Author Manager. We finally found and settled on the cover we now have.

7. Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

No, even with the struggle with the front cover design for this last book, we are very pleased and very satisfied with Gatekeeper Press.

8. What were the most surprising aspects of self-publishing with Gatekeeper Press?

The excellence in the editorial staff, the smoothness of the entire process, the efficacy of the cover designers particularly in our first four books, and the professionalism and patience of both our Author Managers we have worked with.

9. Would you recommend fellow authors self-publish with Gatekeeper Press?

Without a doubt yes! Absolutely!

10. With your dream book a reality, what goals do you aspire to achieve with your story?

Continue to create works of fiction.

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