Writing and publishing a book is a much more complex process than most novices realize. Just writing the first draft can gobble up months and months of your time! So, when it comes to handling all the other tasks related to completing the book project – editing, book cover design, recording an audiobook version, publication, and promotionyou can see how an author manager could come in mighty handy.

An author manager is just that, someone with solid writing chops who can help you navigate the sometimes overwhelming process of becoming a successful self-published author. This guide informs you all about the role of an author manager, and how they can help you achieve self-publishing success.

What is an Author Manager?

An author manager plays a key role in helping the aspiring writer navigate the many aspects of the publishing process. Think of this person as your guide, a liaison, or a representative, who acts on your behalf. The author manager helps by coordinating the editing, book formatting, cover design, and even the marketing of your self-published book. Successful self-publishing does not rely on the use of an author manager, but many independent authors have found them to be valuable.

What Does an Author Manager Do?

To get an idea of the many roles an author manager takes on for self-publishing, consider these:

  • Plays an active role in guiding book content and helps you strategize.
  • Makes suggestions about which editing services are best suited to the project.
  • Manages correspondence with designers, audio engineers, and vendors.
  • Coordinates with editors for feedback about the book.
  • Acts as your representative with editorial, design, and marketing experts.

How Author Managers Promote Self-Publishing Success

If you are dreaming of a successful writing career, do yourself a huge favor and consider partnering with an author manager. The self-publishing landscape is more complicated than many aspiring indie authors may realize, so an author manager can help you achieve your goals. Here’s how:

Effective Communication

Most writers are not familiar with the technical aspects of publishing successful books. An author manager is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to speak on your behalf to those in key roles, such as cover designers, social media influencers, bookstores, and audio engineers.


Anyone who has ever attempted to write a book knows just how hard it is to stay focused and organized during the writing process. Your author manager keeps you on track and helps you move forward in the self-publishing process.

Marketing Professional

As marketing professionals themselves, author managers know what truly helps boost book sales and what will fall flat. With this expertise, they will spearhead an effective marketing campaign for your book. 


An author manager works in a similar way as an agent does for traditional publishing. They use their industry knowledge and experience to offer guidance, knowledge that first-time self-published authors may lack. In their role, they can provide encouragement and specific guidance during times of uncertainty.


Building a successful writing career takes planning and strategizing. An author manager can help guide future projects, such as tackling a series, by assisting you with goal setting and strategic planning

With so many beneficial services an author manager can offer aspiring writers, it just makes sense to consider utilizing such an important resource.

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