1. What inspired you to begin your publishing journey?

I worked in the health care sector for the last 40 years, as a medical doctor, a community mental health clinic director, and as a consultant. I wanted to share my thoughts and ideas about how to improve the patients’/clients’ experiences of health services and how providers and patients/clients can better achieve whole health outcomes. I experienced health care as siloed and in need of better integration and wanted to contribute to find bridges. 

2. What led you to choose the self-publishing route vs. traditional publishing?

I published three prior books through traditional publishing (Inside Coma, Health in Sickness/Sickness in Health, and Big Medicine), and I wanted to explore an alternative route for my latest book. I also compared the costs and found them to be significantly lower, this with a similar range of services.

3. How did you select Gatekeeper Press as your publishing family?

A writer friend of mine recommended Gatekeeper Press as a valuable alternative to traditional publishing. She gave me a great review of her experience with Gatekeeper Press.

4. Were there any moments during your publishing journey where your expectations differed from the actual process?

No, I truly enjoyed every aspect of the journey. It was very smooth and helpful.

5. What aspects of the process did you find most enjoyable?

Developing the cover design was creative and fun. Trying to capture the essence of the book with an illustration was most enjoyable.

6. What challenges did you encounter during your publishing journey?

The developmental editing process was hard. Trying to convey the ideas in a succinct way and getting rid of redundancies was hard.

7. Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

No, I found the whole process helpful and creative.

8. What were the most surprising aspects of self-publishing with Gatekeeper Press?

How easy and fluid the whole process was.

9. Would you recommend fellow authors self-publish with Gatekeeper Press?

Yes, absolutely. And I already returned to Gatekeeper Press with a new journal project.

10. With your dream book a reality, what goals do you aspire to achieve with your story?

I would like to help readers find a better understanding of creative ways to manage their physical-, emotional-, and social health-related challenges. I want readers to experience their health-related hardships not only as something they need to overcome but also as an opportunity for personal growth.



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Website: www.creativehealing.org

Amazon book page: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CDNBRLWR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pierre.morin93/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pierre.morin93


Linkedin: www.linkedin.com/in/pierre-morin-a3887816