Are you a writer with a heart for romance? Did you spend your college days and early adulthood devouring romance novels – steamy books penned by successful authors like Linda Howard, Lisa Kleypas, and Julia Quinn? If so, the seed that was planted back then is blossoming now. You have arrived at the threshold of writing your own top-rated romance book.

Here we take a look at seven top-rated romance books, fleshing out some of the key reasons for their commercial success. If you are an aspiring romance writer who hopes to become a bestselling author, this blog is for you!

Top Romance Books and What You Can Learn From Them

It is often advised that to succeed in your endeavors, you should first study the masters. This wisdom holds true for just about any field you hope to excel in, including adult romance book writing. With this in mind, let’s delve into these top-rated romance books to determine what has led to their success:

  1. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Colleen Hoover is a prolific and highly successful writer of romance novels. Hoover has penned a whopping 28 books in the last decade. It Ends With Us, although published seven years ago, still ranks in the top 10 on Amazon. The author weaves heavy topics like abuse into this story but uses the easy-to-read writing style that makes her books such a delight to read.
  2. Things We Never Got Over by Lucy Score. Who doesn’t enjoy an “opposites attract” romance? Author Lucy Score uses the grumpy/sunshine trope in this fast-paced story. Things We Never Got Over is a family drama that unfolds in a small-town setting, but the author surely doesn’t skimp on the steamy chemistry between the two main characters.
  3. If He Had Been With Me by Laura Nowlin. Laura Nowlin tackles serious topics like depression and divorce in this young adult heartbreaker. Nowlin frames pivotal high school moments, experienced by the relatable characters, within 89 tiny chapters.
  4. It Happened One Summer by Tessa Bailey. It is clear in the first few lines that Tessa Bailey infuses a sense of humor and lots of style into her writing. Her main character, a Paris Hilton type, is about to have a rude awakening when the lavish lifestyle she enjoys comes to an abrupt end. The book features a grumpy/sunshine trope, plenty of spicy scenes, and also a focus on the sister relationship.
  5. Happy Place by Emily Henry. This is the latest release from one of the most successful young romance writers on the planet. The author sets the stage by introducing the reader to her “happy place,” where she and her two best friends from college meet up for the annual lobster fest in coastal Maine. Henry places the trio in a festive resort setting where she makes use of the then & now trope to carve out the nuances of a second-chance romance. 
  6. Icebreaker by Hannah Grace. Serving as an inspiration for all aspiring indy romance authors, the top romance book Icebreaker was initially self-published. This college romance features an ice skater who gets paired up with a hockey player – and the subsequent heat they generate threatens to melt the ice. 
  7. Flawless by Elsie Silver. Flawless is the first installment of the self-published Chestnut Springs series. Silver uses the enemies-to-lovers trope to frame this steamy small-town romance between a bad boy bull rider and the woman who attempts to keep him in line. His rough exterior, however, gives way to reveal a fiercely protective gentleman character.

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