1. What inspired you to begin your publishing journey?

I was inspired to share what I am convinced is the most sacred aspect of the human experience – the gift of human connection and our capacity for grace and kindness. I have been the beneficiary of this important human gift and feel both the honor and responsibility for sharing this with others through my own story and the experiences throughout my youth.

2. What led you to choose the self-publishing route vs. traditional publishing?

Time was an important consideration. I was 59 years old when I started writing the memoir nearly four years ago. Pursuing a book deal could take years and I felt an immediate need to share my story and message as quickly as I could. I also wanted to control what the message was and how it was presented, not having it altered and/or tailored to fit a “market” that a traditional publisher might  insist upon for optimal marketing, and in turn sacrificing the very reason(s) I had for writing the book.

3. How did you select Gatekeeper Press as your publishing family?

After researching many different publishing companies and extensively reviewing what each offered as well as other authors’ experiences working with different companies, I found that Gatekeeper Press was far and away the most reliable in the services they offered and in the satisfaction of writers who have used them.

4. Were there any moments during your publishing journey where your expectations differed from the actual process?

It still surprises me to say there were not. The process outlined by the editor who worked with me as well as the promises given before it started were consistent and without any surprises.

5. What aspects of the process did you find most enjoyable?

Witnessing my vision and what I hoped for in the book actually coming together in a tangible way was very fulfilling.

6. What challenges did you encounter during your publishing journey?

There were two:
-The necessary and important editing process of reading each word, sentence and paragraph over and over again for optimal meaning.
-Reliving the more traumatic and powerful experiences of my youth throughout the editing process – a  lot of personal healing occurred while writing and editing the memoir.

7. Would you change anything if you could do it all over again?

Not in regard to the writing or publishing of the book, but most definitely as it relates to its marketing. A clearer vision and understanding of how to market the book after publication would have been helpful.

8. What were the most surprising aspects of self-publishing with Gatekeeper Press?

I can’t say that I was surprised. I was pleased by the process, follow-through, and support by Gatekeeper.

9. Would you recommend fellow authors self-publish with Gatekeeper Press?

Without any reservations. Gatekeeper Press is a “gatekeeper” for all writers who desire the opportunity to publish and share their own perspectives, insights, and imagination with others.

10. With your dream book a reality, what goals do you aspire to achieve with your story?

I would like the reader to see/experience
  • that hardships have the potential to become transformative gifts

  • that the potential for human grace and kindness is not transcendent and that this potential is within ALL of us.
  • that these selfless acts of grace extended to those suffering from despair and hopelessness have the potential to lift others up (from the side of a highway – p.179 Just Enough Grace) and to convince them that their life has value and that they matter to the world.
  • I ultimately aspire to use the book to be able to share this message with others (through book sales, group talks, discussion etc. 

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