When writing in the Christian niche it is helpful to gather guidance right from the outset. Understanding the steps to create a stellar manuscript is of paramount importance. In this article, we’ve outlined a few steps to set you up for success during the writing and publishing process.

Here’s How to Get a Christian Book Published

Deciding to pen a novel or a non-fiction Christian book is both an exciting and demanding endeavor. To help make the process of authoring and publishing a Christian book goes smoothly it is important to follow these steps:

Flesh out your ideas

Before you begin to write, take time to ponder the purpose of your book, and the central message. Additionally, identify the probable audience. Keep a notebook with a page dedicated to each of these items and continue to sharpen the details. Next, create a list of chapter titles and topics. Scribble some notes as ideas pop into your head and list any resource materials you plan to incorporate into the book.

Begin the writing process

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part of the whole project. Push through any insecure feelings and begin to type your story. Be sure to understand the correct way to format your Word document to avoid extra book formatting later. Decide on the “person” you will use and be consistent (i.e., first-person singular or plural, second person, or third person).

Spruce it up

Once the first draft is completed you will embark on the rewriting step. Many authors complete three or four drafts before sending the work off to a self-publishing service. Fine-tune the manuscript one chapter at a time until the copy flows smoothly and each chapter connects with the other to provide a compelling read.

Select a self-publisher

This critical step requires some patience and due diligence. Use this handy rating guide published by the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi) to help you discern whether a particular self-publisher is a legitimate top Christian book publisher or is flatly unreliable. You will find that ALLi has rated Gatekeeper Press as “recommended.”

Refine the book

Once a self-publisher has been selected the real editing process begins. The self-publishing service will provide a medley of editorial services to help refine the manuscript, such as proofreading, copyediting, or a developmental edit. Additionally, one should seek out the second opinion of beta readers to improve their Christian book. It cannot be emphasized strongly enough how important the editing phase of self-publishing your book is. Skipping this step results in typos and grammatical errors that will cause embarrassment and a loss of author credibility.

Book design

Taking a staid Word document with Times New Roman 12 pt. and turning it into a stunning Christian book is the last step of the process prior to publication. As with the editing step, it is crucial to have the book cover designed by a professional. High quality and visually appealing cover design help set the mood or tone of the interior content as well as attracting potential customers. Other design elements include selecting a crisp, readable font or two, any graphic embellishments, which type of binding to use, and finished size.

Learn More About How to Publish a Christian Book

Your future Christian book is too amazing to put in the hands of a substandard or shady self-publishing service. Find a reliable partner with Gatekeeper Press, and give your book the very best chance of succeeding.