One of the most edifying aspects of becoming an author is reading someone’s positive review about your book. It truly is a wonderful thing to know that something you have written has resonated with a reader. And what a powerful tool book reviews are for helping to sell your book! The more reviews you can rack up, the more credible your book looks to the person who landed on its listing while searching.

So, how do you get reviews for your book? Fortunately, there are several tried and true ways to encourage people to leave a review after reading your book. The secret to landing reviews is to not be shy about requesting them. It also helps to have a review-seeking strategy prepared before you even launch your book. Read on to learn all about how to get book reviews.

How to Get Quality Book Reviews in 6 Simple Steps

Marketing your book literally starts with your very first review. Savvy authors understand that quantity matters; the more reviews, the better—assuming they are solid 4 or 5 star reviews, right?

It goes without saying that your ability to reap a nice round of book reviews is directly tied to the meticulous writing and editing of your manuscript. Remember, you are looking for positive reviews that will help create sales momentum. Once you have honed your manuscript, created an eye-catching cover design, and written a compelling book description, you should now feel confident going after reviews.

When your book is uploaded onto an online bookselling platform, it is time to focus on the many ways you can get your book reviewed. Do not skimp on this important step in the self-publishing process. Making this effort right off the bat will seriously impact the success of your book sales for the months and years to come.

How to get your book reviewed in 6 steps:

1. Include a call to action in the book.

At the end of your book, either on the author bio page or immediately following, you should provide a call to action. This includes a request for the reader to follow you on your social media platforms or website and request the reader to graciously leave a book review on the website where they purchased it.

2. Ask at your book launch event.

Gather together a large group of friends and family members to help you launch your book. At the launch party, you can not only guide the folks to your book link on the websites—even send them an email with the links included—but also ask them to leave a review after they finish reading it. This group alone will likely create 20 book reviews for your book. Remember, these are the people who care about your success and will be receptive to your heartfelt plea.

3. Create a Goodreads account.

Goodreads is a popular social network that invites avid readers and authors to read and make book recommendations. There is no cost involved, but authors do need to set up a profile. The more active you are on Goodreads, engaging with readers on forums, the more your book will be noticed and reviewed. Be sure to also add an excerpt or two from your book.

4. Invite reviews.

Inspiring people to leave a book review requires more than wishful thinking. You really have to come right out and ask for reviews. Use your social media platforms and website to request reviews for your book. Even posting a link to the review field at the bookseller sites can help move them along in the process. Don’t be shy about just coming out and asking for reviews.

5. Ask book bloggers.

There are book bloggers who routinely read and review self-published books. While many of these will request a fee for this service, many do not. Before you approach a book blogger, be sure to read their submission or query guidelines and select only those book bloggers that fit your genre. To get free book reviews for self-published authors, check out these book bloggers at

6. Begin promoting your book.

Once you have about 20 book reviews, it is time to start actively promoting it. Wait until you have gotten 20+ reviews for your book to maximize the return on investment, as people you direct to your book will be much more willing to buy your book when seeing you have a good number of reviews. The more books you sell, the more reviews you will receive, and it just builds from there. Promote your book on BookBub, Amazon ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

3 Places to Get Reviews For Your Book

Now that you have a good idea of the many ways to get reviews for your book, let’s get specific. Here are some additional details to guide you along the review gathering process:

  • Reach out to book bloggers. To find book bloggers that will write a review at no charge, check out The Book Blogger List, Book Reviewer Yellow Pages, and the aforementioned The Indy View.
  • Set up your Goodreads profile. Goodreads can provide a treasure trove of book reviewers for a self-published author at no cost, helping to put your book on the map.
  • Build a website. An author website provides a perfect platform for promoting and selling your book and asking for reader reviews. Use a website builder like Wix, Zyro, or GoDaddy for easy-to-use templates and low costs.

Make Your Book Worthy of a Positive Review

Your book’s ultimate success will rely heavily on the product you create. In this competitive and crowded online book marketplace, there is no room for an unprofessional book project. To give your book the best chance of selling—and garnering a slew of positive reviews—enlist the expertise of Gatekeeper Press. Their top-notch team of editors and book designers will help you perfect your book and position it for success. Call Gatekeeper Press at (866) 535-0913 or visit them online today to get started.

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