1. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?
Since my youth in high school, I’ve enjoyed writing as sports editor and editor-in-chief of my school paper. My inspiration grew further during my brief internship for a local newspaper in Philadelphia. I wanted the act of documenting my thoughts and perspectives of the moment—an act of preserving history.

2. How long have you been writing? How many books have you written?
Trump You is my first published book. I have other works I’ve been drafting; however, I felt compelled to publish my story now because of the timely subject matter.

3. What made you want to self-publish?
Because of the nature of the subject matter, the timing of publication was crucial. Self-publishing gave me the best control over the timing of publication, documenting a sliver of American history covering current affairs on controversial subjects.

4. Would you recommend new authors self-publish, and would you recommend Gatekeeper Press?
Yes and Yes. There are many aspects to the book publishing business that an author needs to manage. GateKeeper allows the author to focus on the writing while ensuring all the logistics come together smoothly.

5. What do you do marketing-wise to help announce and sell your books?
On the date of publication, I worked with a publicist to release a press release. Until publication, I submitted my book to various book review agencies such as onlinebookclub.org, Reedsy, BookTrib, SelfPublishing Review, and Love Reading. I also built a home page for my book that directs visitors to various online bookstores (i.e., Amazon, Barnes, and Noble).

6. What advice do you have for a new or fledgling author?
Stay focused on the writing—be sure it’s engaging and get feedback from professional editors to ensure your work gets the best reviews possible. Avoid a long “pre-order” period. Unless you have a vast platform, pre-order does not generate large sales. A short pre-order along with a strong book available announcement drives more sales.

7. What social media platforms are you on?
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin

8. What is the one piece of advice you wish you had known when you first started out?
I spent many months researching to find the best self-publishing agency. I wish I had known sooner that GateKeeper offered one of the best self-publishing services. Knowing I had professional editing, design, and logistics allowed me to focus on writing, content, and promotion.

9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge authors are facing going into 2022 (and beyond)?
The biggest challenge is finding a platform to promote your book. Traditional publishers also face this same challenge; however, they often mitigate their risk by only working with authors that have an established platform.

10. Have you won any awards or contests that you would like to mention?

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