1. When did you first know you wanted to be a writer?

I wanted to shine light on the the global pandemic of childhood sexual abuse and encourage people to talk about this taboo subject. But when it came time to blog I just couldn’t put down my thoughts.
One Saturday I ran into an old acquaintance who said she was on her way to a writer’s group. I told her about not being able to blog and she invited me to join the group. After several Saturday mornings of reading my vignettes someone suggested I write a book. That was 2018. I worked with a writing coach who told me about Gatekeeper Press.


2. How long have you been writing? How many books have you written?

I knew that I wanted to write a book someday…thought that for years, decades actually.  It always seemed like a dream, not a reality until the past few years.
It took me a while to write 48th Street.  Although it was healing to write it, I had to walk away several times…sometimes for long periods of time. I have written one book.


3. What made you want to self-publish?

I wanted to self-publish because I knew I would have control over my book. I learned that after speaking with other authors, some who self-published, some who did not.


4. Would you recommend new authors self-publish, and would you recommend Gatekeeper Press?

I would recommend new authors self-publish. I have recommended Gatekeeper Press and will continue to do so.
I received so much support from my author manager, Eden Tuckman! 48th Street would not exist without her.
And every other interaction I have had with anyone from Gatekeeper has been easy and helpful.


5. What do you do marketing-wise to help announce and sell your books?

I have visited several bookstores in Chicago and LA and have been successful in getting my book in a lot of the stores. I have had a book reading/signing in two of them. 48th Street had  been mentioned in two documentaries about childhood sexual abuse. I’m very vocal about my book…spreading the word and always asking for a review. Right now I have 75 five-star reviews.


6. What advice do you have for a new or fledgling author?

My advice is to write, write, and keep on writing! And to read book after book…see what you like about an author. Goodreads helped me with my own writing.


7. What social media platforms are you on?



8. What is the one piece of advice you wish you had known when you first started out?

I guess I wish I had been prepared for what a big undertaking it was and to know that stories have a life of their own. Again, I couldn’t have done it without an author manager and a great editor.


9. What do you feel is the biggest challenge authors are facing going into 2023 (and beyond)?

I don’t know what the biggest challenge authors will face in 2023 and beyond. Since I am a first time author, I learned my challenges by trial and error. I hope to do it again and this time I will know what I am getting into!


10. Have you won any awards or contests that you would like to mention?

I haven’t won any awards or contests.


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