Premium v. Base Services

Premium Services provide one-on-one attention, expedited timelines, printing discounts, unlimited designs, free books, and much more. See below for a full list of benefits.

Premium Services

Personal Attention & Timeline Perks

  • One-on-One Author Manager Relationship
  • Phone Support & Faster Response Times
  • Quicker Publication Timelines

Discount Perks

  • 5% Discount on Author Copies
  • 10% Discount on Editing Services
  • 10% Discount on Illustrations

Free Perks

  • 12 Free Paperback Copies (if signed up for Paperback Publishing)
  • 12 Free Hardcover Copies (if signed up for Hardcover Publishing)
  • Free LCCN and Copyright Registrations
  • 25 Free Content Changes (Content change fees are not cumulative. First batch of 25 changes is free)
  • Free Physical Proof (if applicable)
  • No Fee for Pages Beyond 200
  • Unlimited Cover Mockups
  • Unlimited Sample Layouts
  • Free 3D Cover Images for Self Promotion or Personal Use
  • Free Imprint Setup (if desired)
  • Free Preorder Setup
  • Free Cover Templating
  • Free Metadata Optimization (Keywords, BISACs, Retail Pricing, Developmental Edit of Author Bio/Description)

Base Services

Email Support Only
Up to Three Cover and Interior Designs
Standard Publication Timelines
No Discount Perks
No Free Perks