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Traditional vs Self-publishing:

And how to know which one is right for you

Ultimate Creative Freedom:

How to keep 100% of your rights, 100% creative control, and 100% royalties of your book

Blueprint for Success:

Access Chelsea Fagan’s personal manuscript template and see how her books were structured from
the ground up

Essential Tips from Editors:

An in-depth Q&A with professional editors on how to write, and to stay motivated

Financial Forecasting for Authors:

Discover the ‘9 Money Questions’ to accurately predict and optimize your book’s earning potential

Marketing Masterclass:

Peek into Chelsea’s exact marketing playbook and investment strategies for her successful self-published titles, including a list of dos and don’ts

Printing Perfection:

Discover how to select the best printing method for your book, balancing quality, cost, and distribution

Success Stories:

Be inspired by real-life examples of authors who have thrived in self-publishing

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Hi authors!

I’m Chelsea Fagan, and I have been publishing books both traditionally and independently for the past thirteen years. I’ve sold well over a quarter million copies, licensed nearly a dozen international editions, and been featured in best-of lists from NPR to Harper’s Bazaar to Refinery29.

My life is all about financial transparency, and in empowering creatives to know and actually secure their worth, and self-publishing is an incredibly powerful tool that puts control back in the hands of authors.

I’ve partnered with Gatekeeper Press — the company I personally used to self-publish my romance novel in 2023 — to create this free, comprehensive, 25-page guide on everything I wish I knew about self-publishing before I started.

These are my best insights, editorially and financially, and will set you on the path to make self-publishing work for you, and to understand why it’s a tool that even people who also traditionally publish (like myself!) benefit greatly from leveraging.

I wish you the absolute best of luck on your publishing journey, and hope my guide makes the ride just that much easier!

Chelsea Fagan

CEO & Author

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