Book Returns

Returnable Status(Required)
You have the ability to make your book returnable or not returnable. Making your book returnable ensures it will be as widely available as possible with online retailers. It is also a prerequisite for brick and mortar booksellers to consider carrying your title. But making your book returnable comes with risks.

When a book is returned by a bookseller, Gatekeeper Press must refund the proceeds of the original sale back to the bookseller, and authors that generate a negative royalty balance in a given month are required to reimburse Gatekeeper Press in full for any balance due within 30 calendar days of receiving notice.

If you choose to make your book returnable, you have two options. You can have your returned copies destroyed, which limits your exposure to the amount of the original sale, or you can have your returned copies delivered to Gatekeeper Press and then shipped onto you.

If you choose to have your returned copies delivered to Gatekeeper Press, we are charged a $3/return fee by our wholesaler, and this fee is passed onto you and deducted from your royalties along with the amount refunded to the bookseller. You will then be invoiced separately by Gatekeeper Press for the cost to ship the returned copies to you.

You can read more about the pros and cons of returns here.

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