ISBNs and Barcodes

When you sign up for our eBook Publishing and Distribution Package, we will assign your eBook an ISBN, free of charge. If you choose our Paperback Publishing and Distribution option, we will assign your book an ISBN and create a barcode for it at no additional cost. We also offer ISBNs ($15) and barcodes ($9) a la carte if that better suits your needs.

What is an ISBN?

ISBN stands for “International Standard Book Number”. It is a unique identifier for books, eBooks, tapes, and CDs. The ISBN numbering system is used by publishers worldwide to identify their works in a standardized format. You will need an ISBNif you plan on selling your book in bookstores, to libraries, or through online retailers.



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase an ISBN and/or barcode even if I don’t have you publish my book or eBook?
Absolutely. You can purchase an ISBN and/or barcode a la carte or get one for free as part of one of our publishing packages.